Yashima Gakuen is the first practical university with an e-Learning system for businessmen and homemakers. Students may obtain diplomas in our main dual courses, "Home Education" and "Human Development Education", without leaving home.

Based on the idea that "the origin of education is in family", Yashima Gakuen University unites home, school and social education, realizing "the society of lifelong study" and providing people with higher education.
Lifelong study is currently regarded in the world as the most important subject to be tackled in the 21st century.
Yashima Gakuen University has developed its own e-Learning system intended for the working members of society, people applying themselves to the household and those pursuing personal development, regardless of age, for the following purposes:

1: providing the necessary study in accordance with basic educational philosophy;
2: establishing a lifelong lifestyle of study;
3: meeting technical educational demands;
4: succeeding and developing academic/technical knowledge and skills with an established flexible learning system to cope with individual demands and their
academic backgrounds.
5: developing studies reflective of the times and society which would facilitate the creation of new careers.